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 About Chaco Communications, Inc.

Chaco Communications, Inc. was the original author of the Pueblo multimedia MU* client. I don't know the exact timeline, though with the help of Dan Greening (former Chaco CEO) and the Wayback Machine, I think I've gathered the main points (bear in mind that this may not be completely accurate):
  • June 15, 1996: Pueblo 2.0 is released. 2.01 is not far behind.
  • April 2, 1997: Chaco merged with Songline Studios to become LikeMinds, Inc.
  • LikeMinds decided to not continue development of Pueblo, but continued to offer it for download.
  • September 11, 1998: The last day that the original Pueblo World List was updated.
  • LikeMinds tried (unsuccessfully) to find a developer that could continue commercial development of Pueblo to their satisfaction.
  • LikeMinds began proceedings to release Pueblo as open-source, allowing it to survive regardless.
  • October, 1998: LikeMinds was bought out by Andromedia, Inc.
  • November 4, 1998: Andromedia wrote the Andromedia Public License.
  • March, 1999: Andromedia completed the preparations for an open source release started by LikeMinds, and subsequently released Pueblo under the Andromedia Public License.
  • December, 1999: Andromedia, Inc. was bought out by Macromedia, Inc. (and several of the original Pueblo developers still work there!)
  • March, 2000: The backend scripts and database for the original Pueblo World List were published online.
  • June, 2001: The Chaco website goes down, never to be seen again (except through archives, or the pale imitation that is the Pueblo/UE site).

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer heartfelt kudos and appreciation to the Chaco team. They decided that they would release the source to Pueblo rather than let it die out (a decision I wish more companies would make!). Without them or that decision, Pueblo/UE would not have been possible.

A Glimpse Into The Past
Note: the following text has been retained in its original form, but Chaco Communications no longer exists. As such, any statements contained below may have been true circa 1997, but that is no longer the case. This information should only be considered useful for historic purposes.
Chaco builds advanced multiuser Internet software. Chaco software has been incorporated in a broad range of applications: from Internet game systems to document viewers, from Internet art galleries to geographic mapping systems. Our customers include leading network, media, and application software companies, educational institutions, art organizations, and individuals.

Chaco created VR Scout, the first VRML (3D graphics) viewer to be bundled with a commercial Web browser. VR Scout is currently the fastest complete VRML 1.0 viewer for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT. Chaco's revolutionary multiuser Internet client, Pueblo, adds the beauty of 3D graphics and multimedia to the social world of MUDs (multiuser dimensions).

Chaco supports the development of social media by donating a portion of its profits to MUD authors, artists, and musicians. Chaco donates server space to MUD producers. Chaco works closely with media tool and library vendors, operating system manufacturers, and network software companies to ensure our products conform to standards and have broad utility.

You can also send us electronic mail or write us. We'd love to hear from you.

[UE: remember, this is historic information and will no longer work!]
Electronic mail:info@chaco.com
Telephone:(408) 996 1115
United States Postal Service: Chaco Communications, Inc.
10164 Parkwood Drive, Suite 8
Cupertino, CA 95014-1533

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