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 Pueblo/UE Documentation

The Pueblo/UE help file can be viewed online. It's not quite as complete as the version included with Pueblo/UE, but it should give you the basic idea. Though please bear in mind that this is still beta software, and much of the documentation has been left unchanged since the release of Pueblo 2.01 in 1996.

You can also jump directly to the Revision History, where you can catch up on recent (and not so recent) developments. It lets you find out just what changed, including both bugfixes and new features.

Note:  At present people using the Mozilla browser will not be able to view the online manual. It appears that one of the Java applets we're using (from a third party) doesn't like Mozilla, or vice versa. In either case, you won't be able to use the online manual (though you should still be able to look at the Revision History page in isolation).

If you are affected by this problem, for now you will have to either temporarily use a different browser or to download and install Pueblo/UE and view the help file from there (an icon will be placed in the PuebloUE group in the Programs menu). This problem should be resolved when we switch our help systems, which will be done as soon as the new one is ready. But don't hold your breath.

If you require assistance using Pueblo/UE, you should either subscribe to one of the Pueblo/UE mailing lists (details can be found on the Pueblo/UE page) and ask other users for help, or you can send a query direct to Ultra Enterprises through the Feedback section (but please don't do both - if you send to the mailing list it will also be received at UE anyway). The mailing list is probably the fastest option.

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