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 Pueblo/UE Incoming Features

This page is intended to give you a quick heads-up on the status of features and bugfixes being added to the next release of Pueblo/UE. Note that this is NOT the list of features in the current release, nor is it a "wishlist"! Also note that they're listed in no particular order.

At the moment, I'm only updating the CVS repository at the same time as a release, so these features aren't in CVS either. If I get nagged enough by people wanting to fiddle with the source code then I might change this policy in the future :-)

I've decided that this page is also a good place to mention bugs that people have reported to me, but haven't yet been fixed. So if you've reported a bug, and it isn't listed as either fixed or outstanding, then I've probably forgotten about it, so let me know about it again! :-)

If you're intending to do some work on the Pueblo code, do not just use this page to figure out what needs doing -- you need to email me directly, as discussed on the Source page. This is because this page may be a little out of date, meaning that features listed as "to do" may already be in progress, or even completed.

In the Pipeline

Features in progress for the next version of Pueblo/UE
[Feature] In honour of the new minor level, the change in OS requirements, and just because the old one contained a lot of out-of-date information, I've decided to give Pueblo's help system a complete revamp, replacing or rewriting most of the text. I'm also migrating to HTML Help so that I can use a simple same-source approach to putting the help file on the website, rather than having to manually change it in two or three places, as I have to at the moment.

Not surprisingly, this will probably take quite a while. Still, I think it is worth it.

I'm also running behind schedule on this one, given that 2.60 has already been released! :-)

In the Can

Features already coded and ready, but not yet released
[Bugfix] The window caption will now consistently display "Pueblo/UE", instead of reverting back to "Pueblo" after connecting to a world as it used to do.
[Bugfix] The #killall TinTin command will now automatically perform a #tickoff as well, to avoid confusion. It will not, however, reset the #tickkey or #ticksize.
[Bugfix] MUSH login style detection has been improved; it will now only detect cases that:
  • start with a prefix (at least two letters) of either "connect" or "create"
  • are followed by one word
  • are then followed by one more word (which is concealed as a password)
If you start to type a fourth word, or if the first word isn't a valid prefix, then it won't be considered a login attempt and the "password" won't be hidden. As a special exception, a leading backslash is allowed, since you may need to use the backslash to prevent a TinTin alias from triggering.

For those who are curious, previously it only checked the first two letters (so ANY word starting with "co" or "cr" would have triggered it) and it didn't check how many words you were entering, once you'd reached the third.
[Bugfix] Pueblo/UE now uses the libungif library for loading GIF images; this should fix some issues with loading some GIF files, especially animated GIFs. In a related but separate fix, Pueblo now correctly draws partial animated GIFs (those which contain smaller frames containing just those parts of a larger image that have actually changed). However, it still does not support frame disposition, so aggressively optimised GIF images may not display correctly. Fortunately, since this disability is shared by many other programs, GIFs using these features are fairly uncommon.
[Feature] Pueblo/UE now maintains a single "shared session". This means that if you already have a copy of Pueblo/UE running, and you double-click an icon or click on a link on a website, instead of launching another copy of Pueblo itself (separate from the first), it will now request the original copy of Pueblo/UE to create a new window and open the link in there instead. From a usage standpoint this is little different than before, but it does allow better management of caching, among other things.
[Feature] The Windows menu now contains a list of all of the main Pueblo/UE windows that have been opened, letting you switch between them without having to Alt-Tab through other programs. In addition, each window has been assigned a shortcut key, which it will keep for its lifetime. In other words, if you have three windows open (1, 2, and 3), and you close window 2, then windows 1 and 3 will keep their numbers. If you then open another window, that will be assigned the number 2, filling in the "gap".
[Bugfix] The "MOO" world type now defaults to the "connect username password" login style, since that is the most common. You can still change it, if necessary, and no existing worlds will be modified.
[Feature] When Pueblo/UE tells you on startup that a new version is available, and you choose "Ask me later", it will now ask you when you wish to be reminded about it. The default is on shutdown (and next startup), which is the current behaviour -- but you can now choose to not be reminded for a week, two weeks, or a month. At the end of that period (or if you install a different version of Pueblo/UE) it will check again, but until then it won't bug you :-) This is intended mostly for those occasions where you know that there is a later version, but there is some issue preventing you from upgrading just yet. In any case, you will of course not be able to take advantage of this feature until you have 2.62 and 2.63 is about to be released! :-)
[Bugfix] A few of the Preferences pages relating to worlds were mistakenly saving changes when you switched to a different page, rather than when you clicked OK. This led to the odd behaviour that if you made a change, switched to a different page, and then clicked Cancel, the change would be saved anyway. This has now been corrected.
[Feature] If you select some text in the world, and then right-click, a new option now appears on the menu: Web Search. This will submit the selected text as keywords for an Internet search, and opens the results in your chosen web browser.

Currently only Google is listed in the Preferences (though you can also enter your own favourite search engine's URL) -- I'm willing to add more engines, if people send me their favourites. Since (as I write this) the Feedback system is down, please either email your suggestions directly to me or send them to the pueblo-users mailing list.

The Hall of Shame

Bugs that have been reported but not yet fixed
[Bug] If an URL containing an '&' is entered by you as part of a command, it will display incorrectly in the line that Pueblo echoes back. That's it. The link will still work correctly, and it shouldn't affect anything that the world sends to you or anything else you type. This bug will probably not be fixed, at least not soon, as it is fairly insignificant but a great deal of code would need to be changed in order to resolve it.
[Bug] Pueblo's primary cache for images and the like is in memory, and is only held per-pane, per-session. I've verified that this cache is working properly. Some users have reported, however, that the disk cache (which Pueblo uses if an image isn't in the memory cache) doesn't appear to be operating correctly. On casual inspection the disk cache appears to be working as well, but perhaps it can get into weird states or something, so it bears further investigation. It's possible though that some people are just misinterpreting the way that the cache works. Hopefully the improved documentation that I'm writing should make things a little clearer.
[Bug] TinTin triggers are somewhat broken by worlds that send coloured text -- the text it matches against includes the HTML tags to change colours, and it really shouldn't.
[Bug] The #read TinTin command does not work properly if you have a line containing more than 2000 characters.
[Bug] I'm now 100% certain that I accidentally broke the version-check at startup in Pueblo/UE 2.60b. This means that people using 2.60b have not been notified of the release of 2.61, and will not be notified about later releases. Those users will have to find out about it through other channels, such as the website or mailing list :-)

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