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 Pueblo/UE Client


About Pueblo/UE

Pueblo/UE is a multimedia MUD/MUSH/MOO/MUX (MU*) client for Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP. You can also use it as a regular Telnet client for line-based applications.

In addition to basic character-mode Internet connectivity, Pueblo/UE also supports ANSI colour sequences and provides simple HTML support so that specially enhanced virtual worlds can display styled text and 2D images, and play sounds. Worlds can also create forms and use clickable links to accept input, in addition to regular command-line entry.

Pueblo/UE itself is a recompiled and reconfigured version based on the source release of Pueblo 2.02 by Chaco Communications. This new version is maintained by Ultra Enterprises. In our opinion, Pueblo was the best MU* client out there, which is why we're determined to bring it back. And no, it's not just going to be a historical thing, we're going to keep it in active development.

One major component of the original Pueblo that we have left out, however, is VRML support. Due to complexities concerning addon libraries, it would be very tricky to continue supporting VRML in Pueblo/UE, and we really don't think enough worlds want to use it (or do so already) to justify it. But please feel free to let us know if you think we're wrong!

It has now been over a year since Pueblo/UE was first released, and the client has progressed somewhat. In addition to fixing many bugs from the original client (as well as a few new ones), Pueblo/UE has added support for the following features: (note: this is just a sample. For the full list of changes, look at the revision history!)

  • PNG/MNG/JNG images
  • Image placeholders displayed until the actual image loads
  • Better ANSI support
  • Support for MCCP
  • Registration as handler for telnet:// URLs
  • Mouse-wheel scrolling
  • Automatic detection of upgrades
  • Ability to leave the log window open when you have been disconnected (allowing you to scroll back and read what went on while you weren't paying attention!)

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System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, or XP
    Okay, so we haven't been able to test it on all these platforms yet, but there's no reason why it shouldn't work properly on them. ;) Unlike Pueblo 2.01, however, Pueblo/UE will not run on Windows 3.1.
  • An Internet connection
    In actual fact, this is not completely necessary - Pueblo/UE can be used to connect to worlds on your own computer or on your local network without needing an Internet connection. However, without one you will lose much of the enjoyment - being able to connect to the Pueblo/UE World List, for example, and visiting the many worlds listed there.
  • 5 Mb of hard drive space
    A fresh installation of Pueblo/UE takes less than 3 Mb of space on your hard drive - barely noticable on today's drives. We don't include any extra space-consuming junk to clutter things up. And even allowing for the cache files that Pueblo/UE creates during operation, it has a minimal footprint. Unless you're a compulsive logger, that is... :)
  • Pentium class CPU
    Pueblo/UE is optimised for Pentium-class CPUs, but basically if you can run Windows, you can run Pueblo/UE.

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Mailing Lists

There are a number of useful mailing lists for Pueblo/UE. A brief description of each one follows; if you would like to use the list (including subscribing, changing your subscription, or reading the list archives) simply click on the name of the list and follow the directions.

  • pueblo-announce
    This is a read-only list which you should subscribe to if you are interested in important announcements about Pueblo/UE. Whenever a new version of Pueblo/UE is released, an announcement will be sent to this list.
  • pueblo-users
    This list is intended for normal users of the Pueblo/UE client. It is a place where you can get help using Pueblo/UE, discuss interesting worlds you have found, and so forth. Please keep discussions at least peripherally related to Pueblo/UE or virtual worlds, however!
  • pueblo-worlds
    This list is intended for people who are developing Pueblo-enhanced worlds. You can discuss requirements, trade code, ask for help, and so forth. This list should not be used for discussions about using a Pueblo-enhanced world, except as that relates to maintenance or further enhancement of the code behind that world. It is not a good place to make announcements about opening a new world, unless that world is primarily intended for other world developers to use.

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Pueblo/UE is available in two forms, either as a binary (executable) or as source. Most users will probably want the binary, which comes with a friendly installer program. The source code is available from the CVS repository; click on the Source entry in the table of contents on the left hand side for more information.

Pueblo/UE 2.61
  Lots of small fixes in this version, plus an upgrade to version 1.0.8 of libmng.

Also contains a friendlier crash handler, so in the unhappy event of a crash, it should be much easier to track to its source.
  Download Pueblo/UE 2.61 binary [SourceForge Data]
Download from FTP site
  MD5 checksum: 01f394ef3cfd135306e97e50b443d9bd  
Pueblo/UE 2.60
  Many many bugfixes. And now with support for MCCP, PNG and MNG!
[This has been slightly modified from the version released yesterday]
  Download Pueblo/UE 2.60 binary [SourceForge Data]
Download from FTP site
  MD5 checksum: be010b29f249991180f54f518ad230b0  
Pueblo/UE 2.53
  This update should fix the GIF loading bug, and a couple of other problems.

New feature: Pueblo/UE can now be your default Telnet handler! You will be given the option during the installation.
  Download Pueblo/UE 2.53 binary [SourceForge Data]
Download from FTP site
  MD5 checksum: 996db558affc730fc1bf1b7d52dad748  
Pueblo/UE 2.52
  And finally, here is version 2.52, which contains even more bugfixes over 2.51, as well as a couple of new features. Most importantly, the bug on closing Pueblo windows should now be resolved.  
  Download Pueblo/UE 2.52 binary [SourceForge Data]
Download from FTP site
Pueblo/UE 2.51
  This is the binary release of Pueblo/UE 2.51, the second release under the Pueblo/UE banner. This is basically just a bugfix release from version 2.50.  
  Download Pueblo/UE 2.51 binary [SourceForge Data]
Download from FTP site
Pueblo/UE 2.50
  This is the binary release of Pueblo/UE 2.50, the very first release under the Pueblo/UE banner (the version number is to signify that it is based on Pueblo 2.02, but has been changed fairly thoroughly).

Note: as this is the first release of Pueblo/UE, this should be considered beta-quality. It probably contains weird bugs. We've tested it extensively in-house, and everything seemed to check out, but you never know...
  Download Pueblo/UE 2.50 binary [SourceForge Data]
Download from FTP site

Also, if for some reason you would like to use the original Chaco Pueblo 2.01, you can find a copy of it here. Note that there is no technical support for this version available (except possibly from other users). Ultra Enterprises does not support it, and Chaco Communications no longer exists as an independent entity.

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