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 Pueblo/UE World List Search

Search for:
  • The entire database will be searched, including those worlds that are marked as deceased. This has no bearing on the relevance score assigned to each world.
  • Enter the words you would like to search for, separated by spaces.
  • This is a word-search only; by default, it will not match substrings (or parts of words); for example, if you search for 'abandon' you will not find listings containing 'abandoned'.
  • Currently the name, hostname, and description of each world are searched.
  • Hostname matching is limited to each dot-section; so 'abandon' would match 'abandon.net' but not 'abandonmud.net'.
  • Words less than four letters long and extremely common words (like 'mud') will be ignored.
  • Matching worlds are sorted by relevance; the score they achieved is shown by each entry. A world obtains a higher relevance score by matching more search keywords, or matching them more often. The numbers have no real scale.
  • "Binary" searches are possible. The following modifiers are recognised:
    • Putting a + in front of a word requires it to exist in every result.
    • Putting a - in front of a word forbids it from occurring anywhere in the result.
    • Putting a * at the end of a word means it's a prefix (ie. 'abandon*' will match both 'abandon' and 'abandoned').
    • Putting quotes (") around several words treats them as a phrase.
    • You can surround words with parentheses to group them -- for example '+abandon +(hope life)' will match worlds containing 'abandon' as well as either 'hope' or 'life'. Contrast this with '+abandon hope life', which will match any world containing 'abandon', although those also containing either 'hope' or 'life' will get a larger relevancy score.

 Search for a world
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 Comment on the World List
Note: if you want to submit an update for an existing world entry, please click on the Update Listing link next to the world in question.

The worlds in the Pueblo/UE World List were last verified on Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:01:17 +0000.

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