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 For Adults Only

These worlds are oriented towards consenting adults. If you're at all prudish, you probably want to mosey elsewhere.

Gay and Lesbian worlds
Straight worlds
Worlds for Special Adult Tastes

  • FurAnime [Website] [Update listing]

    FurAnime MUCK is a safe place for Anime Characters to explore their sexuality. A place where they do not need to be concerned with other players being under age. Where it is safe to be a furry, or have a sexually explicit description in public rooms. It hopes to do this by being 100% Anime chars transformed into Furs, 100% adult, and providing a safe environment for as many forms of play as possible. Playspace... Most of the world of FurAnime is considered a public playspace, with safeword respected, with public scenes and play, with collars worn with pride. A place you can take someone out on a leash, and not be ridiculed. 100% Adult... The Muck asks if you are over eighteen years of age before allowing you into the IC area. It is not because we have a dislike for youngsters, but it is to protect them, and the people of the muck. We feel that, at least for here, people ought not have to worry about moral and legal concerns about who might be on the other end of the line. 100% Anime... FurAnime MUCK is for anime characters only. Anime characters transformed into Furries that is. A rather unique twist, we think, on most anime and furry mucks. The only exception to this, by popular request, is that we also permit Harry Potter characters.

  • Prodigy [Website] [Update listing]

    The Muck is a Pueblo enhanced adult themed school setting, with deviant teachers and students RPing out various classes and situations that probably belong in the realm of Anime.

  • Tapestries [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Furry worlds

    Started in October of 1991, Tapestries is the second longest running Furry-based world. This is an alternative lifestyle, Furry only (no humans) selective fantasy roleplaying world system, offering a variety of areas to explore, plenty of space to build, and lag-free zone to sit and chat with the natives. Tapestries is a registration-only system.

  • The Garden [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Social worlds

    The Garden is an open virtual community for the free exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of presumed mutual respect.

    Adults are welcome. All are advised to bring their sense of humor and expect occasional edginess to enhance the flavor of the discourse.

  • Tiny Sparkles MUSH [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Social Role-playing worlds

    The name really says it all... If you are familiar with the term 'TSing' then you're certainly a seasoned MU* vetran. The purpose of Tiny Sparkles MUSH is to create a social safe haven where you're free to do what the MU* you are currently attending may not allow. Swear like a sailor, chat it up with people who go to other MU*s than your own, and do more 'dubious' things as you see fit. We're pretty lax at TS MUSH, but please visit us to see what rules we do enforce... All types of characters are welcome although we have a majority of ones from video games.

= Subtopics, = Pueblo-enhanced worlds, = Using IP address, = Adult worlds

Worlds listed by IP address may become inaccessible, even though the world itself still exists. This is because the IP address is directly related to the machine the world is running on, and worlds occasionally move to different machines. In that case, their IP address will change, but their hostname will be updated to the new address within a day at the most.

This is why we've flagged worlds listed by their IP address - we'd really like to get a hostname for these, if one exists. If you know the world's hostname (and better yet, its website), please click Update Listing next to the world and let us know!

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