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Virtual World Education

  • Virtual Writing Center MOO [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Universities and Schools

    The Virtual Writing Center is an educational environment where people can gather and

    1. Take college composition courses
    2. Discuss their writing with writing tutors
    3. Gather with colleagues and talk about writing, teaching, distance education, and educational uses of MOO's.
    4. Discuss the social constructions of language.

  • MicroMUSE [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Virtual World Education

    MicroMUSE is our vision of the 24th century, a blend of high technology and social consciousness with emphasis on education, concern for the environment, and communication. Our charter is available online or by anonymous ftp to ftp.musenet.org

    While open to everyone, MicroMUSE has a special focus to provide a safe learning environment for students K-12.

  • PostmodernMOO (PMC) [Update listing]

    A virtual space designed to promote the exploration of postmodern theory and practice, a place for intellectual meandering. There, the unstable "real world" of postmodernity is mixed with the solid virtuality of MOOspace.

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