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 Universities and Schools

  • Diversity University [Website] [Update listing]

    A world specifically designed for teachers to bring their classes of students to do work. Teachers who want to use a virtual environment can bring their own classes to either use the existing facilities or they can come to Diversity U., get a character and @dig their own classrooms to their own liking. The MOO is designed with a university infrastructure in mind.

  • LinguaMOO [Website] [Update listing]

    An educational and professional community for teachers and students in the Rhetoric and Writing program at The University of Texas at Dallas. It is both a learning environment and a place where faculty collaborate on various projects related to teaching and research using electronic media. It is also designed to support links with other MOOs, and collectives like the Alternative Education Environments (AEE) and the Globewide Network Academy (GNA). You can visit LinguaMOO as a guest.

  • MOOville [Website] [Update listing]

    The virtual extension of the University of Florida writing department.

  • PennMOO [Website] [Update listing]

    The University of Pennsylvania's English Department plunges into virtual reality at PennMOO, the University's only virtual classroom site. Join them in pushing at the boundaries of what we've come to understand as traditional classroom education.

  • schMOOze University [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Language instruction worlds

    schMOOze University is a small, friendly college known for its hospitality and the diversity of the student population.

    It was established in July, 1994 as a place where people studying English as a second or foreign language could practice English while sharing ideas and experiences with other learners and practicers of English. Students have opportunities for one-on-one and group conversations as well as access to language games, an on-line dictionary, USENET feed, and gopher access.

    Although schMOOze was founded with the ESL/EFL student in mind, it welcomes all people interested in cross-cultural communication.

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