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  • Arctic [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Fantasy worlds

    Arctic is a multi-player fantasy role-playing game loosely based on TSR's Dragonlance novels. The base code for the game was gamma DikuMUD but it's been extensively modified over the course of three years to provide a unique balance of realism and playability.

    If you're new to MUDs, Arctic is a text-based adventure game where you create a persona and adventure in a fantasy world. You can explore the world of Krynn -- solving puzzles, combatting fantastic creatures, and discovering rare treasures -- along with up to 100 other simultaneous players.

    Arctic is geared towards a mature game-playing audience. There is an emphasis on role-playing, and character interactions are handled in a realistic manner. This means there is sometimes competition and disputes between characters, and these disputes will sometimes end in violence. Player-characters stealing from and killing other player-characters is not necessarily encouraged, but it is allowed.

  • ChaosMUCK [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Furry worlds, Social Role-playing worlds

    ChaosMUCK is a themed roleplay MUCK based on the Saturday AM Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, StH Comic by Archie, player fanfiction, and other works. Much work has gone into making ChaosMUCK's roleplaying environment a great place for player's artistic and creative expressions in a free and non-disruptive environment.
    Theme Details
    Character Application Form

  • ChronoMUCK [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Fantasy Role-playing Worlds

    Based upon the worlds of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross by SquareEnix, ChronoMUCK takes place 4 years after the end of the original game. Currently only 1004 AD is available, but more time periods will open up as the game proggresses. Chrono-themed characters only!

  • CrystalMUSH [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Science Fiction worlds

    CrystalMUSH is a role-playing game based on the Crystal Singer series by Anne McCaffrey.

    This MUSH has something for any McCaffrey fan. We have opportunities for those who enjoy building, those who enjoy coding, and those who enjoy short and long-term roleplay. The game consists of approximately +70K lines of MUSHcode that provides an operating and functional universe containing objects such as space shuttles, airsleds, sonic crystal cutters, crystal, vendors and catering units, and a fully functional economy. We have a 3-D world (which is actually a doughnut-shaped torus) and multiple facities both on and off-world. Players with a competitive bent can work to attain a high financial or expertise ranking in their trade, as well.

  • Final Fantasy MUX [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Fantasy Role-playing Worlds

    FFMUX is the home of the original Convergence - which megred the worlds of every Final Fantasy together, from the original NES Final Fantasy straight up through the MMORPG FFXI, and various offshoots like the movie and animes alike. Wars have been fought between nations the likes of Baron and Figaro and technological superpowers like ShinRa. And all the while, our playerbase continues to grow, offering more and more opportunity for roleplay. With friendly staff and players, detailed help, news, and website, FFMUX is a good choice for Final Fantasy fans of all levels of roleplay experience.

  • Phoenix MUCK [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Anime worlds

    Phoenixmuck: The ultimate in anime roleplay. Reborn at last.

    An anime and manga-themed roleplaying game set in modern-day Tokyo, featuring a large playerbase and Pueblo-enhanced world. Players may choose a character from an anime, manga, or anime-themed video game, and apply for original characters that fit within theme. Furries and anthropomorphs are not allowed.

  • Redwall MUCK [Website] [Update listing]

    A great MUCK, authorized by Brian Jacques, based on the Redwall novels. Any fan should join. Great role play, huge world.

  • Riva [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Fantasy worlds

    RivaMUSH is loosely based on the work of the fantasy author David Eddings. For those who are unfamiliar with his work, it is similar to The Lord of the Rings. Magic rules the land, and there are wizards and evil beings. The game is set in a dark age equivalent.

  • The Twilight Zone [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Good Worlds for New Users, Social worlds

    Originally based on NUTS code, this highly modified source is the best family friendly and function rich talkers on the net.

    The Twilight Zone has been around for over 10 years (minus a few years where we were missing a server).

    Some TZ firsts include Portals, Channels, and the ability to work with the talker directly from its web site (pueblo enhanced).

    More than 40 rooms multiple user levels and very friendly people with family friendly administration.

  • Transformers: Altered Horizons [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Role-playing Science Fiction worlds

    Transformers:Altered Horizons is based on the early Generation One Comics. Many of you may not be familiar with them, but we are happy to help any who need it. The MUSH is newbie-friendly, and we are willing to accomodate many types of Original Characters. Application is swift and we have very friendly staff, not to mention our helpful player base. We have a wide variety of characters to apply for if you are looking for an FC, some not seen anywhere else. In addition to the Transformers, there are the newest additions to our MUSH: GI Joe and Cobra recently debuted to encourage human RP in addition to that of the Transformers. We are looking for some good, solid RPers to join our current player base.

  • Transformers: The Lost Years [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Role-playing Science Fiction worlds

    Cybertron in ruin. The leaders vanished. Two ideologies struggling to survive. What will arise from the ashes? The annals of Transformer history are all but silent on this era. Come live in it, and see for yourself. Join us on... The Lost Years.

  • Writers of D'ni [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Fantasy Role-playing Worlds

    Writers of D'ni is a MOO world based on the Myst series of computer games and books created by Cyan Worlds. It takes place in the ancient city of D'ni, buried deep beneath the earth, approximately 1900 years before Veovis and the building of the great tunnel. You can write Ages, take part in a guild, and roleplay in this fascinating theme.

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