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 Non-english worlds

Dutch (Nederlandse) worlds
German (Deutsch) worlds
Language instruction worlds

  • Arkadia [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Fantasy Role-playing Worlds
  • MOOsaico (Portugese) [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Language instruction worlds, Social worlds

    The theme of MOOsaico is one cultural connectivity. MOOsaico, like the world, is woven together out of the individual fabrics of a variety of local cultures. Although real world cultures vary from one to another, they are forced by circumstance to co-exist in the tiny confines of the globe, and whatever they collectively form comes to define the world as we know it. So, too, with the multilingual MOOsaico.

  • MundoHispano (Spanish) [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Language instruction worlds, Social worlds

    MundoHispano es un MOO implementado por Lonnie Turbee (conocida como "Colega") con el apoyo del departamento de Lenguas, Literatura y Linguística y el proyecto AskERIC de ERIC, ambos en la Universidad de Syracuse (Syracuse University). Más importante aún, MundoHispano es una comunidad de hispanoparlantes nativos de todo el mundo, profesionales y estudiantes de Español, y programadores, que de forma voluntaria y conjunta aportan su tiempo y talento para hacer de este un mundo virtual dinámico.

    MundoHispano is a MOO being developed by Lonnie Turbee (aka "Colega") with the support of the department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics and ERIC's AskERIC project, both at Syracuse University. Most importantly, however, MundoHispano is a community of native speakers of Spanish from around the world, teachers and learners of Spanish, and computer programmers, all of whom volunteer their time and talent to make this a dynamic virtual world.

    Many of MundoHispano's residents, natives of cities in Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru have built portions of their favorite places. Others who regularly visit connect from Panama, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Greece , and the United States, with new countries joining this list each week.

  • SvenskMUD (Swedish) [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Swords and Sorcery worlds, Social worlds

    SvenskMud är ett elektroniskt spel för många personer. I en sagovärld kan du möta den hemska Vättekungen, spöket Blenda, alven Leomir och dvärgen Niklas samt de tusentals andra varelserna som befolkar SvenskMud. Du flyttar dig runt på landsbygden, i byar, över havet, ner i djupa grottor och in i stora borgar.

    SvenskMud är dock mycket mer än bara ett spel. Det är även en storslagen mötesplats. I SvenskMud gör du dagligen nya bekantskaper med människor från överallt i vårt avlånga land. Stora avstånd sätter inga hinder för långa och "nationella" meningsutbyten.

    The only MUD in swedish, Svensk is both a swords-and-sorcery mud and a place for folks to socialize.

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