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 Recently deceased

These worlds have been unreachable for over two weeks (but less than two months), so they are no longer listed on the normal Pueblo/UE world list, though they will also appear on the full "Vanished worlds" list.

This list is here so you can quickly look through the most recent dead worlds, in the hope that you can supply a working address (if possible). If you know a new address for one of these worlds, please use our handy form by clicking on the Update Listing link next to the world in question.

Note that it's also possible that some of these worlds only had a transient fault, if it has been more than two weeks between update cycles. The worlds listed with the lowest "Not reachable for" time may actually still be accessible, and there was simply a temporary fault at the time of the last update. This is not helped by me being a little slack at running an update cycle on the List, but it gets there in the end.... :-)

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