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  • CrystalMUSH [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Worlds for Fans

    CrystalMUSH is a role-playing game based on the Crystal Singer series by Anne McCaffrey.

    This MUSH has something for any McCaffrey fan. We have opportunities for those who enjoy building, those who enjoy coding, and those who enjoy short and long-term roleplay. The game consists of approximately +70K lines of MUSHcode that provides an operating and functional universe containing objects such as space shuttles, airsleds, sonic crystal cutters, crystal, vendors and catering units, and a fully functional economy. We have a 3-D world (which is actually a doughnut-shaped torus) and multiple facities both on and off-world. Players with a competitive bent can work to attain a high financial or expertise ranking in their trade, as well.

  • StarMud [Update listing]

    This world is like a psycho Science Fiction novel. You can became several different professions. You can either fight a lot and enhance your character, or just sit around and talk. NOTE: Fighting is recomended. A very addicting and humerous MUD.

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