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 MOO servers

These worlds are running on MOO servers.

  • LambdaMOO [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Social worlds

    Started in 1991, LambdaMOO is the first MOO ever. The theme takes place inside and on the grounds of a large, sprawling mansion and is loosely based on the creator's home in California. Much more geography, places to explore and games to play with than you'll ever have time for! Its 6000 world-wide users make it one of the largest vr worlds around. Although the term 'self-governed' may be debatable, Lambda continues to be an experiment in the evolution of a virtual community, including such facets as representative government and conflict resolution.

  • Virtual Writing Center MOO [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Educational and Artistic worlds, Universities and Schools

    The Virtual Writing Center is an educational environment where people can gather and

    1. Take college composition courses
    2. Discuss their writing with writing tutors
    3. Gather with colleagues and talk about writing, teaching, distance education, and educational uses of MOO's.
    4. Discuss the social constructions of language.

  • YibMOO [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Social worlds

    YibMOO takes place inside and on the grounds of another large sprawling mansion, the vacation house of the fabulously wealthy and famously eccentric founder of YibCo, Inc. Somewhat unlike a certain other mansion, from which it draws some of its inspiration, this house is still (and perpetually) under construction. The owner's instructions to the contracting company were simply, "Surprise me. And make me laugh." Many builders have taken the opportunity to add to the mansion, extending it in dozens of different directions, each with a completely different vision and architectural style. The secret passageway system is rumored to be one of the finest in the world.
    Unbenownst to the world at large, the secret YibCo Research and Development facility lies beneath this very house, where a legion of inventors and crackpot scientists cook up their zany prototypes in a labyrinth of tunnels, laboratories and underground testing hangars -- strange sounds, smells, and wisps of brightly-colored smoke occasionally drift up to the main part of the house from these nether regions. The house, of course, is lavishly equipped with all of the latest YibCo prototypes.

  • CyberSphere [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Cyberpunk worlds

    Virtual reality RPG based in a post-holocaust cyberpunk world. The best dream you've ever had. Hard realism. Non- traditional MOO.

  • De Digitale Metro (Dutch) [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Dutch (Nederlandse) worlds, Social worlds

    Dit is een Nederlandse Moo. Het speelt zich af rond de hoofdstedelijke metro. Alles is in het Nederlands, maar ze zijn aardig genoeg om in jou taal te praten (als ze het kunnen), de meeste mensen spreken ook Engels.

    Er zijn 2 mogelijkheden om binnen te komen:
    Gebruik port 902 om met kaal telnet in te loggen. Je gebruikt nu het TF-script van DDM.
    Gebruik port 8888 om met je eigen client in te loggen.

    This world is in Dutch. It's located around the capitals subway. Everything is in Dutch, but they are friendly enough to talk your language (if they can.) Most of the residents are able to speak English.

    There are 2 ways to enter:
    Use port 902 with telnet. You're using the TF-script of the MOO.
    Use port 8888 to connect with your own client.

  • Diversity University [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Universities and Schools

    A world specifically designed for teachers to bring their classes of students to do work. Teachers who want to use a virtual environment can bring their own classes to either use the existing facilities or they can come to Diversity U., get a character and @dig their own classrooms to their own liking. The MOO is designed with a university infrastructure in mind.

  • Harper's Tale [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Dragonriders of Pern worlds, Fantasy Role-playing Worlds

    Role playing world based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Harper's Tale takes place in the late 9th Interval.

    Harper's Tale exists on and around Ista Island, which is only a small part of Pern. They have not built Pern in its entirety, because they lack the players to populate such a large virtual space, and they also feel that a smaller environment leads to more roleplay and better interaction among players.

  • Hell [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Dystopian worlds

    HellMOO is a post-apocalyptic hellscape role-playing game. It is a very challenging role-playing environment. Imagine a city filled with people who have nothing to lose, most of whom would murder you given the chance. Now imagine that they're starving, irradiated, and angry. Add to that hideous, unthinkable abominations that are the product of irresponsible genetics research and generations of radiation poisoning and pollution. Now imagine that multinational corporations are the only organizations cuthroat enough to have come out of the collapse of civilization with any real collective power, and that there are now no restrictions on them using that power however they like. There are so many ways to die here, and thanks to the corp's technology, you can keep coming back and experience each and every one of them. Not even suicide can get you out of hell.

  • LinguaMOO [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Universities and Schools

    An educational and professional community for teachers and students in the Rhetoric and Writing program at The University of Texas at Dallas. It is both a learning environment and a place where faculty collaborate on various projects related to teaching and research using electronic media. It is also designed to support links with other MOOs, and collectives like the Alternative Education Environments (AEE) and the Globewide Network Academy (GNA). You can visit LinguaMOO as a guest.

  • LostAges [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Fantasy Role-playing Worlds

    A totally original world with mages, thieves, knights, nobles, traders and commoners. Our world is pueblo enhanced and is continually expanding.

  • Moo Canada [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Worlds for Hobbyists, Worlds for Professionals, Good Worlds for New Users, Social worlds

    Moo Canada is the largest and best Moo in Canada. This Moo has over 1000 players and has been running for more than ten years. We are a stable place to explore, build, program, make friends and have fun!

  • MOOMellow [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Funny worlds

    Welcome to MOOMellow! Creative worlds, puzzles, interesting people, irreverence, that sort of thing. We walk like camels. We compose haiku. We fling afterbirth. We get chased down and shot by Yul Brynner. We're down to earth. We lost Mayberry somewhere. We have fresh pie. Join us, join us, join us!

  • MOOsaico (Portugese) [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Language instruction worlds, Non-english worlds, Social worlds

    The theme of MOOsaico is one cultural connectivity. MOOsaico, like the world, is woven together out of the individual fabrics of a variety of local cultures. Although real world cultures vary from one to another, they are forced by circumstance to co-exist in the tiny confines of the globe, and whatever they collectively form comes to define the world as we know it. So, too, with the multilingual MOOsaico.

  • MOOville [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Universities and Schools

    The virtual extension of the University of Florida writing department.

  • MOOville [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Virtual Places, Social worlds

    MOOville is a replica of "small town America" circa early 1950-60's--before the world became conscious of its own failings. This MOO embodies the sense of community that was part of this era. The center of the town is Town Square (#62) which is surrounded by the old Bijou Theatre and the Opera House; there is a Ballpark, and hopefully many more ideas that are a part of the era. We hope that it will become more than just America during the 1950's and 1960's.

  • MundoHispano (Spanish) [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Language instruction worlds, Non-english worlds, Social worlds

    MundoHispano es un MOO implementado por Lonnie Turbee (conocida como "Colega") con el apoyo del departamento de Lenguas, Literatura y Linguística y el proyecto AskERIC de ERIC, ambos en la Universidad de Syracuse (Syracuse University). Más importante aún, MundoHispano es una comunidad de hispanoparlantes nativos de todo el mundo, profesionales y estudiantes de Español, y programadores, que de forma voluntaria y conjunta aportan su tiempo y talento para hacer de este un mundo virtual dinámico.

    MundoHispano is a MOO being developed by Lonnie Turbee (aka "Colega") with the support of the department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics and ERIC's AskERIC project, both at Syracuse University. Most importantly, however, MundoHispano is a community of native speakers of Spanish from around the world, teachers and learners of Spanish, and computer programmers, all of whom volunteer their time and talent to make this a dynamic virtual world.

    Many of MundoHispano's residents, natives of cities in Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru have built portions of their favorite places. Others who regularly visit connect from Panama, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Greece , and the United States, with new countries joining this list each week.

  • PennMOO [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Universities and Schools

    The University of Pennsylvania's English Department plunges into virtual reality at PennMOO, the University's only virtual classroom site. Join them in pushing at the boundaries of what we've come to understand as traditional classroom education.

  • PostmodernMOO (PMC) [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Educational and Artistic worlds

    A virtual space designed to promote the exploration of postmodern theory and practice, a place for intellectual meandering. There, the unstable "real world" of postmodernity is mixed with the solid virtuality of MOOspace.

  • schMOOze University [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Language instruction worlds, Universities and Schools

    schMOOze University is a small, friendly college known for its hospitality and the diversity of the student population.

    It was established in July, 1994 as a place where people studying English as a second or foreign language could practice English while sharing ideas and experiences with other learners and practicers of English. Students have opportunities for one-on-one and group conversations as well as access to language games, an on-line dictionary, USENET feed, and gopher access.

    Although schMOOze was founded with the ESL/EFL student in mind, it welcomes all people interested in cross-cultural communication.

  • Sindome [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Cyberpunk worlds, Dystopian worlds

    The have-nots struggle on a daily basis to overcome the pain and despair that the corporate haves leave for them under the guise of 'good-will'. The dystopian future where scraping-by takes on new meaning amid the decaying underbelly of the techno-elite's domed city. Heavily influenced by some of cyberpunks best authors, such as William Gibson (Neuromancer), Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash) and Phillip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep). Share in this growing world's passion for quality cyberpunk roleplaying like no other.

  • Writers of D'ni [Website] [Update listing]
    Other Categories: Worlds for Fans, Fantasy Role-playing Worlds

    Writers of D'ni is a MOO world based on the Myst series of computer games and books created by Cyan Worlds. It takes place in the ancient city of D'ni, buried deep beneath the earth, approximately 1900 years before Veovis and the building of the great tunnel. You can write Ages, take part in a guild, and roleplay in this fascinating theme.

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